University of Kerala is a state university fully funded by the Government of Kerala. This premiere university was established by the Royal Family of Travancore in 1937 before the independence of India in 1947. Kerala University is one of the most well known and highly ranked universities in India.

Being an affiliating, teaching and research university, more than 100000 students receive their degrees from this university in each year through its affiliated colleges. As a semester India student, you will attend the 3000 student campus located in the city of Trivandrum. Most of the courses will take place in the lush green Kariavattom campus of nearly 400 acres of stimulating and tranquil environment. This serene campus is adorned with modern facilities, dedicated professors and an academic atmosphere characteristic of any top university.

Being a leading research university, Kerala university offers BA, BSc, BCom, BE, MBBS, LLB, MA, MSc, MCom, MBA, MCA, MPhil and PhD degrees as well as numerous post graduate diplomas in various areas of study.

University Departments of Study

University of Kerala has 16 faculties (subject groups) and 42 departments of teaching and research.

Teaching, research and knowledge extension are the mandates of the departments.

The list of university departments is as follows:

Faculty of Social Science

Department of Archaeology
Department of Economics
Department of Psychology
Department of Sociology
Department of History
Department of Islamic Studies
Department of Political Science Department of Philosophy

Faculty of Science

Department of Aquatic Biology & Fisheries
Department of Botany
Department of Biochemistry
Department of Chemistry
Department of Demography and Population Studies
Department of Physics
Department of Mathematics
Department of Statistics
Department of Geology
Department of Zoology

Faculty of Applied Sciences & Technology

Department of Bio-Technology
Department of Computer Science

Department of environmental Science

Department of Futures Studies
Department of Opto-electronics
Department of Computational Biology & Bioinformatics

Faculty of Oriental Studies

Oriental Research Institute and Manuscripts Library
Department of Arabic
Department of Hindi
Department of Linguistics
Department of Malayalam
Department of Sanskrit
Department of Tamil

Faculty of Arts

Department of Communication and Journalism
Department of German
Institute of English
Department of Library and Information Science
Department of Russian

Faculty of Commerce

Department of Commerce

Faculty of Education

Department of Education

Faculty of Fine Arts

Department of Music

Faculty of Law

Department of Law

Faculty of Management Studies

Institute of Management in Kerala

Faculty of Physical Education

Courses are offered in affiliated Colleges

Faculty of Homeopathy

Courses are offered in affiliated Colleges

Faculty of Ayurveda

Courses are offered in affiliated Colleges

Faculty of Dentistry
Courses are offered in affiliated Colleges

Facultyof Engineering & Technology

Courses are offered in affiliated Colleges Eng. Colleges & University Eng. College

Faculty of Medicine

Courses are offered in affiliated Colleges


The University of Kerala, a state University is located in Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum), the capital city of Kerala. Founded in 1937, the University of Kerala is the oldest and leading teaching and research institution in Kerala. This state University is well reputed in Kerala and abroad. The administrative wing of the university, along with a few departments is located in Palayam, the heart of the city. Major Schools and departments of the University are conducted at the evergreen beautiful campus at Kariavattom, 10 Kms from the city. The campus has more than 50 academic departments and offers more than 60 academic majors in various disciplines. Thousands of students are studying through 250 affiliated colleges under the University of Kerala. The campus is spread over 300 acres of land. Semester India students generally register for a minimum of 5 courses leading to 15 credits.

Location of Semester India Program in the University campus

Semester India Program is located in the Dept. of Bioinformatics chaired by Prof. Dr. Achuthsankar. As he is the Director of the Center for International Academics (CIA), international students report to him at the university anything related to academics and students’ support system. CIA organizes and coordinates all the programs and activities related to the international students in the university.

The Dept. of Bioinformatics conducts cutting edge research in its specialized labs. For the SIP students the top floor of the same Dept. is devoted for classroom, relaxation room, administrative offices, faculty cabins, seminar room and India Studies library. This A/C section of the building with its high-end comfortable facilities with WiFi and drinking water will give the students extraordinary comforts while at the university. Classes are conducted between 09.30 am to 5.30 pm and students are expected to be in the common SIP room at 9.15 am. All core courses specifically designed for the American students are conducted by eminent professors in the A/C core lecture room which looks more like a board room of a corporation.

Students can participate in the Departmental courses offered by the academic units of the university at a short walking distance from the core lecture hall. However, the departmental class rooms are not air conditioned and you will be sitting with the Indian students to learn about the subject related courses. This will give you a real introduction to Indian academics. The professors are very friendly and they are approachable for one to one tutoring. They are all accomplished scientists and authorities in their respective fields and you will be learning from the best of South India.

Campus Facilities


The departments of Kariavattom campus have specialized subject libraries for independent study, research and references. They are available to SIP students when the departments are open. However, the main university library is in the city campus near the administrative building. This has the largest collection of books, journals, periodicals and magazines among the university libraries in South India. The university library is also the depository of several rare and old books in the country. This library holds government publications, UN and World Bank publications, palm leaf manuscripts etc. The computerized and automation system of the library makes the borrowing of books and requesting interlibrary loan so easy.

Hospital and Medical Services

The University campus has a small clinic for the students. But just outside the guesthouse, there are several hospitals nearby open for 24 hours. We generally suggest to our students to go to the internationally known hospital (KIMS hospital) 15 minutes away. They have one of the best medical services in the country.

Other Facilities

Accommodation and Food

Semester India students at the University of Kerala are housed in the air conditioned large rooms of Technopark guest house at a walking distance from the university campus.

Meals at the guest house

Meals are included in the program and are provided at the multi-cuisine restaurant of the guest house. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods are served, based on individual preferences. Common items include Poori, Dosa, idly, bread toast, Kerala thali, Biryani, noodles, fried rice and various items of fish and meat dishes. Technopark has many food courts and students can have many north Indian and western style foods at their own expenses.

Tood J. Kimbal

Introduction to Techno Park

Technopark is a recently developed technology and business compound where companies from around the world have set up office buildings and branches of their organizations to work as a hub for south India. This means that the facilities are modern, convenient, and well taken care of. The Technopark club, where you will be staying during the semester, is a restaurant, workout facility, and temporary hostel for many of the young professionals that work in and around the Technopark full time. The area being important for many international corporations and professionals is walled in and very safe even during the night. An ID is required to enter into the park, and so it is perfectly feasible to walk around alone at night within the compound. Though it is not the way most Indians live, it makes an excellent home base for you to make forays into the nearby town of Kazhakuttam and the inner city of Trivandrum, and then return to your comfortable air conditioned room.

The area around the Technopark is also well developed and full of landmarks to go and visit. The park itself has a twenty-four hour café just behind the club named M Squared. You can find there internet, coffee, tea, and many different types of traditional south Indian cuisines. To the right of the main entrance to the Technopark, just a ten minute walk down the road, you can find the café and hotel Ginger, and across from this the restaurant Aryaas. Both serve excellent food, and can provide you with a variety of different options should you decide that you wish to eat out for a change. Past these is the town of Kazhakuttam perfectly within walking distance or feasible auto rickshaw drive, and it has plenty of little stalls, cafes, shops, and other assorted available amenities that are both cheap and easy to busy. In the opposite direction, ten minutes to the left of the Techno Park’s main entrance is Nilgiri, a modernized grocery store with many of your necessary items that cannot be acquired in the town of Kazhakuttum, such as toilet paper, Strawberry Jelly, Peanut butter, various cereals, bread, some fresh foods and laundry detergent.