Home to the largest democracy in the world, India has charmed the western mind for several centuries with its rich and varied cultures and the intellectual renaissances contributed by gurus and philosophers. Ancient India was known for its universities at Nalanda and Taxila where students not only from India but also from far off countries came to study diverse subjects.

Europeans realized the vast potential that lay hidden in the peninsula and in the 16th century major powers established their colonies here. For the British, India was the “jewel in the crown”. India became independent in 1947 and within the next half century that followed, India made giant stride in development, despite the handicap of a huge population of 1.3 billion. In the 21 st century, India by using its core competence in various technologies including information technology, vast national resources and human resources is poised to become a knowledge superpower.

Some insights into India

Advantages of Semester Study in India

What experiences and opportunities are US students missing by going the traditional study abroad route? What can they gain by going to a place that is intensely different from their own home culture? The answer is a semester of study in India through IISAC.

India is a country of rain forests, savannas, deserts and glaciers. Here one can see and meet people from all walks of life, from the financially affluent to the rurally humble. It is a land of ancient spirituality as well as high tech economic progress, a place where hard born traditions parallel progressive new ideas. This immeasurable diversity of thought and geography intensifies and expands the experiences that a student may have while studying abroad. The all-inclusive nature of Indian life is unique in its expression and it is this enhanced scope of life that instills its visitors with a sense that they are in the heart of something truly profound and spiritual.

Come to India to personally experience this incredible dichotomy of old and new.


Your study abroad in India will prepare you for your future. This will strengthen your academics and brighten your future career. Coming to India will not only boost your schooling, but also increase your knowledge of the world and improve your interaction with people and cultures different from your own. This skill is invaluable to companies big and small around the world, and to be educated in the art of world travel will no doubt help your choices and options for your career. India is fast becoming a world superpower in the economic world with its raising a scholastic community in sciences and technology, as well as its production of many of the world’s necessary goods and raw materials.

IISAC's Semester India Program Advantages

Impression from past students on IISAC’s programs in India

"India is a really incredible place.It is more beautyful than I ever could have belived, and the friendships I made there will last a life time.I would encourage anyone to try this program.They will not regret it.Get ready to see,experience, and taste things you've never even imagines before"!

Patricia Kelly

The experience of actually travelling from location to location via busses and on the train is wonderful a wonderful way to learn the culture and the land.It is an oppertunity to meet different people, and even though you only spent two or three hours together,it is still a fun way to interact.I learned so much about how Indians interact and how friendly they are from these train rides.Oce while travelling to Tamil Nadu a man took out packets of peanuts and began sharing with the whole car,going around and offering them to every one.This is not uncommon either, for complete strangers sitting next to each otherto share what they have.These forms of tranportation become mini communities for a short time ,and it becomes an exhilarating way to learn about where you are,where you are going , and where you have been in relation to their stories and experience

Adriana Rossel

The learning that take place such a different culture is indescribable - it just happens with out complete awareness . It is part of beauty of experience; the learning continues long after you have returned I have fount that I am generally more confident in my ability to adapt to any situation, and I also feel much more open to different experience than ever before.As a result of placing my self in an alien culture,my perspective has widened;the whole world is now available to me, and my horizone seems limitless.I treasure each and everyrelationship that I have established and hope to continue them until we are returned in the future.

Leon Cerdena